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Here’s what people are saying to us about Avalon Suites in their testimonials and reviews:

26 May 2017

I enjoyed every second of my stay here at Avalon.  The staff was great, and the accommodations were more than I had hoped for.

Ian Bush……

May 4, 2017

Here is a gift to thank you.
We cannot thank you enough for accommodating us.  It made this process easier because of you.  I hope the Owners know that you are one hell of a manager overseeing this place!  Take care.

Again, with appreciation,

C & T Alli…..

May 3, 2017

Excellent accommodations.

Staff are wonderful and helpful.


T. Tena……

December 31, 2016

Great clean place.  Manager and staff were wonderful!  Great help during a difficult time.

Highly recommend everyone to stay here!

Thanks Debbie and staff!

God bless you all!!

S. Polo…..

The managers and workers involved with Avalon Apartments are very considerate and welcoming.

J. Hol…..

As usual, a wonderful wonderful place to stay.  It’s definitely like home.  The staff is terrific – always ready to help.

I simply love it here.

D. Mel…..

We had a very enjoyable stay.  Thank-you to you and the staff.

M. Del…..


First, thank you so much for helping us out with our constantly changing house move schedule.  Second, we enjoyed our stay.
Fine facility.  Met our needs. Glad to see you are busy.
Best regards,
-Rich & Joyce

March 26,2016

It’s so nice to know that I have a place to stay in the future, when I’m in Rochester.  I was very pleased with the apartment.

B. Alf…..

extract from a review posted on TripAdvisor

We stayed for 4 nights during very cold and snowy February for a nearby swimming championship. We usually stay at chain hotels, but this was a great location and significantly less expensive. These are NOT hotel/motel rooms. They are furnished apartments, and suitable for extended stays. You can even cook your own meals in the complete kitchen…

We were greeted by a warm, comfortable and spacious apartment. The unit shows its age (probably built in the 70’s by the look of the stamped steel bifold closet doors, many layered painted trim, and painted plywood cabinetry) but everything was in excellent working order and the apartment was very clean. There was no hint of staleness or odd odors that we might have expected after descending into the basement. Despite being a daylight basement apartment, there is lots of light and the windows look out through the landscaping around the base of the building, and there are windows in the living/dining and bedroom areas. The sofa was a bit overstuffed and hard to climb into, but there is a real living room with end tables, coffee table, desk and lots of walking around room. The lighting was provided by table lamps that provided ample light at night. There is a nice LCD TV with USB and HDMI inputs, as well as 68 channels of Time-Warner Cable service. The Wi-Fi worked well. There is a full sized refrigerator and range in the kitchen, as well as a microwave. There are plenty of dishes, utensils, and the office has a “Library” of cookware that you can borrow if there is something you need that isn’t already in the cabinets. There are no condiments, but a new scrubbie and dish soap are provided.

The bathroom was big enough for my wife and I to both be in there at the same time. Again, it’s a bit aged, but everything was very clean and in perfect working order. Plenty of hot water, and a nice clean shower curtain. But, this is a furnished apartment, not a hotel/motel so there was no shampoo. There were bars of soap and plenty of towels, but if you want freshly laundered towels and bedding every day, you’ll have to do it yourself in the laundry next door.

The bedroom was very spacious as well. There was a comforter and pillows with shams on the bed, nice clean and good quality sheets and a blanket underneath, and OK pillows. The mattress was perhaps a bit soft for our tastes, but didn’t squeak or behave strangely at all. The furniture was like what my father-in-law had in his house built in the early 60’s. Funky, but entirely serviceable.

It took us the first night to convince ourselves we were going to do OK, and the place is huge compared with a Quality Inn or Holiday Inn Express. Over the next 3 days, the place became home and we really felt like it was our home away from home. In the recent past, we have stayed at Quality Inn’s that were terrible disappointments, so this was a very pleasant surprise for us. We would not hesitate to stay here if we ever find ourselves in the Rochester/Webster area again and would recommend it to our family and friends for it is a great value, and very comfortable, once you get over the 70’s look and feel.


(Note: to see the complete review, including over a dozen photographs taken by Avalon’s guest, visit the TripAdvisor website.)

A wonderful summer at Avalon!


googleplusreviewAvalon Suites is truly a home away from home. For our family reunion in July, we needed a place where my elderly parents could stay, rest and feel at home.   We used Avalon Suites as our home base.  We booked 2 two bedroom apartments for our of town guests and were very happy.  The apartments are clean and comfortable.  Debbie is a pleasure to work with.  I recommend Avalon Suites as a wonderful and economical alternative to hotels.

– Cheryl N.

Special note from an Avalon guest. We get a lot of positive comments from our clients and we post several of them. The following came from a client’s blog which she sent to us. It made us feel good and demonstrates in a different and creative way what we strive to achieve:

“So one of the many things on my to-do list is finding a place to rent for three months near where I can keep an eye on the building of my new small house. No worries.  I have several options. But I checked out a furnished apartment that does not require a lease etc. and is designed for transient people like me. Here is what I learned simply by going to a new place to live for awhile (and this can also be a metaphor for new places spiritually):

*  Have a  map or a GPS handy

* Pay attention! I  immediately parked in front of the wrong building. But there were signs. Good ones.  I just had to look for them.

*  Be curious but keep your bearings lest you get lost.

*  Be open to receive new information and help 

*  Notice your thoughts and feelings

* Then observe  how thoughts, fears, and feelings can change very quickly . . . when the light is turned on. Like in a basement…the shadows can look ominous until you shed light on them.

Rental Office… The rental office was in the last building on the lowest level of all. In the basement. The invitation on the office door said to “Open and come on in.” I did and was warmly greeted. I sat and told my story about what I needed.

She was truly light in a basement. The office suddenly felt warm, friendly, and inviting. Lamps made it cozy. Her spirit made it welcoming. Her genuine interest in people shone brightly. The light switch in my heart was turned on and shadows disappeared for a time. As the Light in the basement, she brightened my day. Solomon wants us to remember to let our lights shine too so others can realize light can be found in the last building on the lowest level of all. In the least likely places. Tears were welcomed and shared there and laughter filled the air. I came away better for the encounter. Such is the shared journey. Remember! Your inner light shines in dark places too – so just show up. Be your genuine self. You never know. Small things we say and do make a big difference in each others lives! Happy shepherding wherever you are.”

This is a great place to stay.  Everyone is very attentive to their guests.  We have told many people about the Avalon.
-Jerry and Kathy

Debbie and Greg and the Housekeeping lady were all very friendly, professional, and personable.  They made us feel @ home and were very accommodating.
-Sandra and Vincent

Avalon has been our base for five years while in the area for our annual family reunion. Always welcoming and accommodating, clean and comfortable.  Thank you for a great home-away-from-home!

It was pleasant staying with Avalon for a month, same as usual.  Many thanks for the courtesy and kindness delivered by all your staff.
Best regards,

We would give Avalon a 10 out of 10!  Excellent.  Clean, comfortable, and felt like home.

Dear Debbie,
Thanks for everything!  You make our stay a pleasant one!

TripadvisorWe have been staying at the Avalon apartments for many years and we have always been treated in a positive way. Debbie and her staff are the best. We love the fact that we don’t have to impose on our children and have the kitchen to make our own meals. The apts are very well equipped. We have a few things to give it a little more touch of home and then leave those things in a tote with our son to store until the next visit. It is in a very safe area and no questionable people hanging around. Some out of town workers stay here and might sit out at the picinic tables but always polite. Yes, it can be hard to turn left from the drive way but if you are patient, you can get out with little wait. Would we recommend Avalon apts? Most definitely!!
– Judith D.

To Debbie, Greg, Cindy and Blease:  You are a great team and work well together.  Very friendly and accommodating in every way.  Very convenient for us.
– Ray and Vi B.

No complaints.  Very clean. Price was right.  We will come again.
– Mr. and Mrs. B.

Glen & I always enjoy our stay at the Avalon Apts. Debbie & her staff are the best! See you next year. Thank you!
– Glen & Judy D.

Great Stay!! Love the amount of windows and light.
– Cheri & Dave B.

Dear Avalon,
I would love to stay here again. It was very homey and clean. Thank you for an enjoyable weekend!
– Mr. & Mrs. E.

We enjoyed our stay at Avalon!!  We didn’t want to end our weekend with our hockey family. Everything we needed was supplied to make meals, and enjoy home away from home! Thank-you and we will be back again!
– Mr. & Mrs. B.

A very nice place to stay!  Avalon has a very accommodating staff.  Thanks!!
– Mr. & Mrs. G.

Dear Avalon, Thank you for all you’ve done to make our stay at Avalon a pleasure.  You’ve all been so helpful, and friendly that we’re feeling lucky to have had this place as home base while we waited for our house to be ready.  You folks are great!  We will be happy to recommend you to others.
– Sid and Liz M.

TripadvisorWe stayed at Avalon when my parents’ house was booked over the holidays. It as a nice home away from home. My son appreciated the expansive yards around the property to run and get his energy out. Management was quick to respond to a request for additional pillows.
Thanks, Dave L., and Avalon!
– The Lummels

Dear Debbie, We so enjoyed our stay at Avalon Suites. Thank you for helping us at such short notice. Much appreciated.
– Pacheco C. & Graciela P.

Thank you for all you’ve done to make our stay at Avalon a pleasure. You’ve all been so helpful, kind and friendly that we’re feeling lucky to have had this place as home base while we waited for our house to be ready. You folks are great! We will be happy to recommend you to others
– Sam and Liz M.
Two things that are very important to us when staying away from home: comfort and cleanliness. Avalon offers both of these, which made our stay very enjoyable. Thank you, Avalon Team.
– Jim and Jesse S.

Booking.com Logo“Comfortable and spacious”
So much nicer than a hotel. This is the way to travel. We brought everything for out smoothies and morning coffee or tea.
– Joy

“All staff very helpful, friendly, and organized. A very pleasant stay! Will be back.”

“Thanks to Debbie, Maria & Greg for another successful stay. They were always there to help when needed. We appreciate especially the manner in which the smoking problem was handled. P.S. We look forward to our next visit – keep the chocolates ready!”
– M/M Frang

“Very clean. Suite was great! Hope to come next year. Thank-you.”
– Carl and Dianne L.

“So glad we found Avalon. Clean, well-appointed, and comfortable. Thank you, Debbie, for your warmth and humor. Thank you to the housekeeping staff for having everything so clean and ready for move-in.”
Regards, M. G.

“You were wonderfully helpful – thank you!”
– Amber J

“Everything was wonderful here! Thank you so much.”
– Lexi S

“Clean and comfortable. Central location. Friendly staff.”
– M. Heb

“Debbie/Maria/Greg are great! Customer service was always perfect. Will definitely refer people!”
– Joe Fer | Webster, NY

“Very pleased with apartment – price, condition, amenities. Thank-you!”
– M. Chun

“First time staying with Debbie. Awesome little apartment, everything you need to be away from home for a few weeks. Managed to lock myself out once, placed a call after hours and she had someone on it in minutes, no charge (please make sure and tell the gentleman that came out I said thanks again). Will be returning to the area for training in the future, will stay with Debbie again.”
– Tim

“Hello Debbie, We arrived with yesterday and everything was perfect! The apartment is beautiful and she has absolutely everything we need, as you had said. We have the paperwork all filled out however we do not know if we will make it during office hours. In any event, we will be there by Saturday will all paperwork. Thanks again for everything!”
– Best, Joh.

“Our second visit. Once again, easy in and easy out. We’ll look forward to returning!”
– Anonymous

“The host and the accommodations were all we could have hoped for. Debbie was extremely responsive while we were evaluating our options, and was very attentive as we prepared for the visit – even over a holiday weekend! The accommodation was great and we were very appreciative to have such a terrific option in a location that is otherwise difficult for a family of four to find a great place to stay. We’ll be back during our next visit for sure. Thanks!”
– Anthony

– Rose V.

“My stay was great! The accommodations were perfect since Kia was allow to stay with me in the Suite.   The grounds & common areas were well kept and the lighting around the complex was great. Kia and I always felt safe walking at night.”
– Kathie Gar

“Thanks Avalon. Everything was wonderful as usual.”
– M. Krec

“I thank you for a very comfortable stay. Everything I needed you provided promptly. All the furniture was very comfortable, and I definitely would come again.”
– Maria D .

“I enjoyed the stay in Avalon. Felt like home. Thank you! :-)”
– Xerox Guest

“Hi Avalon, My suite was very neat and clean would like to use your facilities again in the future!”
– M. Baldwin

“My stay here has been great & I wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you all so much for making me feel at home.”
– Tony Pol

“We had a pleasant stay at Avalon. Thank you!”
– Darlene and Jim O .

“Hi Avalon, We enjoyed our stay.”
– M. Nucc

“Dear Debbie: I enjoyed my Avalon stay under your warm kindness and courtesy same as last visit.”
– H. Hirota

“This was our 3rd or 4th time at Avalon and we had another great stay. Good location, clean, lots of space and amenities for the price point. ‘Till the next time.”

“The host and the accommodations were all we could have hoped for. Debbie was extremely responsive while we were evaluating our options, and was very attentive as we prepared for the visit – even over a holiday weekend! The accommodation was great and we were very appreciative to have such a terrific option in a location that is otherwise difficult for a family of four to find a great place to stay. We’ll be back during our next visit for sure. Thanks!”
– Anthony B .

“My experience with Avalon Corporate suites was exemplary. Everything was perfect; the furniture, views, cleanliness, the staff; Debbie and Maria. I left a money pouch behind and they sent a staff member to the airport to deliver it to me. Unbelievable service and fantastic facility. Believe me because I have travelled worldwide and this experience was par excellence! I can not wait to return next month.”
– Linda | Hollywood, CA

“Hi Debbie, We were so delighted with the spaciousness, comfort and cleanliness of this apartment! It was conveniently located and provided everything we needed. We had plenty of room to have family join us for brief visits, and whenever we needed help with small things, Debbie was thoughtful, gracious and generous with time and supplies. The only downside was that it was a little tricky to adjust the shower temperature: it seems to fluctuate based on usage by others in the building, but once you figure that out and know to expect it and adjust accordingly, it was not a big deal at all. We would love to stay there again, and recommend Avalon with complete confidence. Thank you again, Debbie!”
– Suzanne D

Great stay! Sorry I could not be at the office to update my information. I’ll be in touch via email.”
– Bouchard Guil

“A really nice apartment, very clean & stocked with everything we needed. A good experience. Thank you!”
– Pat Bran

“Hi Avalon, Great apartment. I’m sorry I have to leave. I would recommend Avalon to anyone, and have, to anyone looking for excellent + reasonably priced temporary apartments.”
– M/M Gilf

“Dear Debbie, The two-bedroom suite surpassed our expectations, and we were very comfortable during our weekend stay. Your employee Maria was equally gracious and friendly when we first called to make reservations. Thank you both for making the experience so supportive during a time of crisis. Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts.”
– Sincerely, Colleen W-G | North Salem, NY

Response by owner:
Dear Colleen, Thank-you for your kind comments about your visit at Avalon. I was thrilled with the positive comments about our staff, and I will pass on your complements. We’re always working to provide our guests with a pleasant stay. We hope to see you again.
Best wishes,

  1. Ehlers, Owner

Avalon Suites

“Ciao Debbie – well, here we are back in Italy. I miss Avalon. I just wanted to say thank you to you, Maria, Cindy and Greg for having, once again, made our stay so pleasant and relaxful. It’s always wonderful to spend time at Avalon which has become my home. Also, thank you for storing our box. I really appreciate it. Anyway, hope you are all well. I hope you are really planning on coming over for a visit. It will be fun.”

“Take care and all the very best to you and everyone at Avalon.”
– Ciao, Fondly, Diane

“We had a great stay at the Avalon Corporate Suites. Everything was very clean and both of you were so nice and friendly. We will be back next year.”
– Bob& Mary McAdam

“Hi Avalon, Our week-long stay was amazing! It was so convenient, and Avalon had EVERYTHING we needed.”
– T. Dubin

“My visit was awesome again. Everyone is so wonderful, and do everything to make my stay pleasant. Thank-you all!   XXXX”
– Maria Verm

“A very convenient and affordable “Home Away from Home” in an emergency!”
– Betty Lawen

“Thank you for everything!!! Debbie was always helpful and available. Greg the same! Everyone at Avalon, including Danny and Cindy, did everything possible to accommodate my needs!”
– Susan Hol

“Rochester, NY Thank you for everything. The experience of visiting Avalon was a pleasant one for both Ellen and me. I appreciate everything you helped me with!”
– Joe Blan

“Dear Avalon, Thank you. If you guys need a reference in the future, I would be happy to oblige as I did find Avalon quiet, clean and was very helpful for me in a pinch.”
– P. Nayl Esq. | Rochester, New York

“Staff was excellent. I highly recommend these Corporate Suites.”
– Dennis Ka | Clearwater, Florida

“Dear Debbie, I also want to indicate I am pretty pleased with the Suite. It is neat, clean & your place is pretty darn quiet. Thank you.”
– Patrick N | Rochester, New York

“Well managed and they want to make your stay an enjoyable experience. We would stay again, and would refer friends to stay with Avalon.”
– Dan and Tanya | Webster, NY

“I wanted to let you know my feelings about my Avalon stay. As usual, time seems to go too fast when I am here. The only comments I can give is that I had a great time again, the people here are always so nice and helpful. No matter what, they do what they can to help , and always with a smile. Thank-you Gregg, Danny and Cindy for everything (and Debby too)!”
– Maria Vermeu | Amsterdam, Holland

“We had a wonderful stay. Avalon is very clean. Plus, everything we needed was available. Thank you!”
– Camel


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