Visit the family but stay at Avalon Suites

We know travel to visit family can be hectic. Especially if you have a large family all staying in a single home. This year, consider staying at Avalon Suites. Our spacious one and two bedroom fully-furnished apartments are prefect for an extended stay in the Rochester area. So come home and visit and have a relaxing stay with us.

Have your family stay at Avalon Suites. Avalon Suites – Rochester’s Favorite Short Term Fully Furnished Apartments

That fold out bed in the den is terrible for your Dad’s back. Or, the house gets crazy with so many kids running around.

It’s perfectly acceptable to have your family stay in a convenient affordable Avalon Suite, just ask Emily Post:
“”It’s perfectly OK to say, ‘due to schedules and the way this holiday is working out, it would be easier for us if you were able to stay in one of the local inns or hotels,’ ” says Post, who is co-author of the 18th edition of “Emily Post’s Etiquette.”

Here’s a great CNN article talking about this. Right now, we have great rates for our one and two bedroom fully-furnished apartments.